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That’s right “Dee-ciples,” my whole clan (Suzette, Jesse Blaze, Cody Blue, Shane Super and Cheyenne) are invading Lima/Cridersville, Ohio on August 20th & 21st for the renaming (albeit for one day) of Cridersville...SNIDERSVILLE! That oughta send property values skyrocketing! ;)

Even better, my family and I will be leading a March of Dimes, Bikers for Babies ride from Lima to Snidersville, a parade and all sorts of other festivities as well! So if you are anywhere in the area, please join me and the fam for this fun filled day. If can’t make it...yell really loud so we can hear ya!

And we will see you all Tuesday nights at 10/9c on A&E for “Growing Up Twisted!”